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Antique Goyard Chest Trunk(circa 1910)

Here's a nice antique Goyard trunk you just never see, a Goyard Chest Trunk (with hidden drawer). It is covered in

the desirable Chevron canvas with brass and leather trim. The exterior is in excellent shape for a trunk of this age(circa 1910)

showing some signs of normal usage and wear. Brass side handles easily support the chest massive weight. Inside is clean and fresh

containing top trinket boxes with removable dividers over 5 large usable drawers with leather handles. Under the bottom drawer is a

lift-out hidden drawer(bottom drawer must be removed to get to hidden drawer). Nice quilted liner. Side and top locks(no key). Initials

M.E.J., piece #4(IV). Rolling casters on base. This is not more common skinny suitcase chest. Dimensions are 41.5"tall,21.5"wide,22.5"deep.

A fabulous piece for the serious collector.




Update: This item has sold.