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Superb Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk (circa 1930)

Here's a absolutely superb Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. It's is covered in the desirable monogram canvas with extremely strong pattern.

Condition is excellent for a trunk of any age(this one is circa 1930). Top of the line "700"series trimmed with Lozine leather and brass.

Original owner initials on sides(MBP). Original leather handles will easily the trunk and alot more. Rolling casters on base. Inside it just

keeps getting better and is nearly like new with no stains or oders of any kind. This piece is complete with original hat basket a tray. A

nice piece for the seasoned collector. Trunk#757963. Unusual size for a half trunk(slightly more cube). Dimensions are 24"wide, 19"deep

and 21.5"tall. A good usable size. LV trunks in this condition are nearly impossible to find anymore(even for us). We normally remove all

stickers, but the Coronado Crown was so cool we just couldn't do it. If you would like it off, we can remove it for you, but with no guarantee

it stays in one piece. No key(but available). You can look for a better piece, but won't find it.


Update 7/30/16 This item has sold.

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